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    Dogs Sacrificed by Shang dynasty Were simply Pups. Some Were Even Buried Alive.

    Life was short and typically brutal for several of the dogs of China's Shang dynasty. New analysis shows that almost all of the canines sacrificed throughout this Bronze Age were simply puppies, with a...
    high fibre food high fibre foods dietary fiber

    How Much Fiber Should a Dog Have in Their Diet?

      As dog owners, we try to give the best possible care to our pets, especially so with their nutrition. While most of the commercial dog food available in the market provide a lot, if...

    A major attack could occur on websites

    The international organization that assigns Internet addresses (ICANN) has warned that massive cyber attacks or as we say usually Massive websites attack are underway against Internet domain names, which define the addresses of sites,...
    Dog Warts

    Dog Warts and All – What to Know

    Dog Warts : We know that dogs are susceptible to some of the same ailments that humans are—the common cold and Lyme Disease, just to name a few. But did you know that dogs...
    Passover jews seder seders

    This Passover, the seders are virtual. The plague is real By Daniel Burke,...

    (CNN) Each year, millions of Jews gather at Passover to remember their Hebrew forbears' exodus from Egypt, where they escaped thanks to 10 divinely sent plagues. As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe,...

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