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The story of selling dogs on ebay:

The story is hardly believable and, in any case, it scandalizes many people. An indebted family was confiscated by the bailiffs. Then, they resold the poor animal via the ebay online sales site.

It is the BBC that tells this story that happened in the city of Ahlen in Germany. Bailiffs came to the home of a family who did not repay a debt. Bailiffs wanted to seize valuables, but there were none in the house. Their attention was then drawn to a pug, a purebred dog. They seized the animal to the dismay of their owners.

The dog was then sold for 800 euros on ebay. The buyer was initially distrusted because the sum seemed low for such a dog breed. But she still bought it. She believes today to have been a victim of a scam because the dog regularly suffers from health problems. She even claims compensation.

As for the former owner, she regrets what happened but considers that this seizure was legal.






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