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Shame in Germany: the city grabs the bitch of family in debt … and sell the animal on eBay!

Shame in Germany:
Ahlen, the average German city, does not joke with her indebted citizens: she seized and sold on the internet the bitch of an over-indebted family. And now, the city hall is threatened with prosecution.

The case begins in December when the town hall of Ahlen, North Rhine-Westphalia, decides to seize “Edda”, a pug, because of the debts of his masters.

An employee of the town hall is responsible for putting on sale on eBay the animal that is bought 690 euros, a sum paid back to the municipal treasury.

But the new owner discovers that the bitch, renamed “Wilma”, is, contrary to what the announcement claimed, neither vaccinated nor in good health. She has to pay almost 2,000 euros in veterinary fees.

Believing she was deceived by the “lies” of the city, she decided to file a complaint for “fraud” against the town hall, according to the DPA agency.

In front of the outcry, the mayor of the city, Alexander Berger, on Monday rejected the blame on a “member of the administration” of the city who would have had an “idea too”. He said he was ready, in a message on the site of the city, to return the bitch to his family of departure, provided that “all parties agree”.

The case gave rise to legal debates between administrative law professors who finally agreed on one point: the subject of a seizure must be the subject of a public auction, not a sale. private online.





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