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For over a year, a red car has been on Lidl’s car park and its owner seems to have disappeared from circulation. If the shop manager has contacted the police several times, he will have to wait patiently again.

It is a vehicle that is now part of the landscape at Lidl Wolvertem (Flemish Brabant). Yet, looking at this pretty little red car, we swear that the owner has just done his shopping. Inside the Daewoo Matiz are drinks, cakes and even a brand new chair in the back seat.

The reality is quite different. It’s been more than a year since the car was in the same parking space. A surreal situation since the owner has disappeared from traffic and the police can not find him. It must be said that the vehicle was purchased from a dealer in Zelem and is equipped with German transit plates. Additional problem, the chassis number is registered in the name … of the former owner, the one who sold the car!


The police can not do anything:

Obviously, faced with this problem, Lidl’s manager contacted the local police several times. But it can do nothing as confirmed by Commissioner Freddy Van Heymbeeck of the KLM police area in Nieuwsblad. “The car is on private property. We can not have it towed, “he explains.


Staff and customers of Wolvertem’s Lidl will continue to see the red Daewoo Matiz as there is a good chance the car will be there for a long time yet. Indeed, the only person who can have the car removed is the owner.

Another solution is that the owner of the Lidl-rented buildings and car park may also ask to remove the vehicle. Except that he is unlikely to do so because he should do it at his own expense and the lease with Lidl has been canceled (the store will eventually leave the premises). In other words, no one can force him to have the car removed.

“We have already been advised to push it from the parking lot onto the public highway”

So we talk about “alternative” solutions. “We have already been advised to push it from the parking lot on public roads. Because then, the police can act. But the car is locked and the handbrake is put on, “says a store employee.

The local and federal police regularly meet abandoned vehicles. On public roads or on public parking, they can tow them at the expense of the government since finding the owner is not always easy, according to them. “This often involves stolen vehicles or unregistered cars. ”

According to the OVAM Public Waste Agency, the regulations are clear. Municipalities must remove vehicles that remain on public roads and store them for six months to give the owner the opportunity to recover his vehicle. After this time, the vehicles can be sold.





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