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A wet cat nose may signal easy changes because of grooming, drinking or environmental changes — or one thing a lot of serious like feline herpesvirus.

Cute very little cat noses — WHO doesn’t love ‘em? Nothing will feel sweeter than a kitty rubbing his face against you, nose first. Like humans, a number of the cats’ bodily functions could vary by individual. this can be true of the feline nose. Some individuals assume AN too dry or wet cat nose indicates unhealthiness — however this can be a story.

You see, some cats have naturally drier noses than others, and most cats’ nose temperatures and wetness levels vary throughout the day. As a result, one in all the simplest ways that for United States humans to choose whether or not or to not worry is to understand what “state of the nose” is traditional for our kitties.

Why are cats’ noses wet?

The skin round the anterior naris openings is termed the rhinarium, and therefore the sweat glands on the rhinarium produce wetness. the inside canal conjointly creates drain that contributes to a wet nose. Humans sweat so as to manage our blood heat and a cat will use his nose’s wetness — through evaporation — to attain constant result.

Cats square measure fastidious groomers and, by licking, mechanically add a layer of wetness to the nose. spittle might dry quickly, however it’s one among the explanations behind a wet cat nose.


A wet cat nose may additionally occur thanks to one thing else straightforward — the water bowl. A still bowl of fresh, clear water might cause some cats issue in crucial the depth of the liquid. whereas going for that drink, kitty might unwittingly dip his snout into the bowl, departure him with a telltale wet nose.

A wet cat nose vs. a dry cat nose

A dry cat nose is simply as common as a wet cat nose, and is typically no cause for alarm. If a cat spends an oversized chunk of your time in direct daylight, a dry nose would possibly result. This happens to America humans whereas sunbathing our skin as well! A dry cat nose may also appear if a cat spends plenty of your time close to a non-solar heat supply sort of a hearth or a heating vent.
What else may have an effect on a wet cat nose vs. a dry cat nose?

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