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Washington, DC, is within the inside of a culture war between the new residents UN agency need to mildew the town into their own version of VanillaTown and therefore the of us UN agency didn’t kindle any of this shit however currently have to be compelled to defend their ways that of life. Yes, we’re talking restoration. From new residents of Chinatown attempting to prevent the youngsters from enjoying music close to the Gallery Place railway system, DC’s current politician (who is black), Muriel Bowser ignorantly attempting to erase example DC culture, the #DontMuteDC movement close to Howard University’s field to the recent issue ON Howard’s field wherever residents have taken to mistreatment Howard’s Yard as a dog park, with one resident even suggesting that if Howard doesn’t find it irresistible, the university ought to move. scan that once more.

Well, Howard University’s President, Dr. Wayne A.I. town issued a press release concerning the recent shenanigans. It’s a awfully solid statement. I conjointly desire it’d be good for a Key & Peele Anger Translator sketch. I won’t go the anger translator route myself, however I do hear his statement otherwise in my head. I patterned I’d share that with you.

(Howard University Statement “Update on the Howard University higher Quadrangle” as per Howard University’s Newsroom in bold; however I hear it in my head in italics)

Dear Howard University Family,

Le sigh, Family, Howard Family, my folks, and therefore the remainder of black America, I hate to own to deal with this Plymouth Rock landed on United States of America bullshit however you already recognize what it’s, thus here’s things.

Our field could be a lovely, sacred house that gives comfort and, in many ways, sanctuary in an exceedingly place that feels additional sort of a second home than simply a tutorial establishment.


I don’t even apprehend why I even have to mention this; however i do know I do: the “good” liberal white people, (like the kind that inhabit Washington, DC, and walk their dogs on our yard – whereas NOT representing the Wu dialect, mind you), above all love them a decent “safe house,” thus why we’ve to clarify why Howard is one is dumb, however whitefolks gon’ whitefolks. {i apprehend|i do know} simply} know that Howard isn’t just a college, it’s a state of mind, it’s a bedrock establishment of blackness, it’s an area wherever you must be ready to come back for four years (or additional, no Length-of-Stay Shaming here!) and embrace and wrap your heart and soul in black thought, love and excellence while not having to fret regarding some White UN agency values their pets over Black Lives walking through field and holding their dogs pee on sacred plots, trees and culture.

Why they (and by ‘they’ I mean Caucasoid race like that ignorant-ass-white-man UN agency aforementioned perhaps Howard ought to move – bruh, fuck that white man) want our beloved establishment belongs to DC quite it belongs to the Black Community is on the far side Maine, particularly as a result of I’d bet smart cash if a bunch of black people started walking their dogs through yankee University, Georgetown, or their out of doors Save the Black Community FroYoYogurt Meetup that doesn’t really embrace any black individuals, it might be a “woop woop, that’s the sound of prosecutor police” downside.

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