Cats do weird things: Bite ankles, run laps around your living accommodations for no apparent reason, and freak out at the sight of their own shadows. however maybe the oddest of all is this: They farm microorganism in their butts.

Why do they are doing this? Cats use their anal glands to provide a smelly secretion spray created from several volatile chemicals. And it seems they most likely do not create most of these malodourous chemicals themselves; they source tons of the assembly to microbes that sleep in those glands, new analysis reveals.

Chemical communication is common in mammals. It’s however a dog announces “This plug is mine!” and the way a skunk screams “Go away!” Domestic cats use a posh chemical language to mark their territory with messages that tell others UN agency they’re and whether or not they are able to mate. [20 Weird Dog and Cat Behaviors Explained by Science]

n a paper printed May 1 on the preprint server biorXiv, researchers analyzed the anal secreter secretions of one, anonymous geographic region cat. The paper has not however been peer-reviewed.

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