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April 7, 2020 – Don’t you wish your dog was this calm?

SOMETIMES ITS HARD to retrain our beloved dogs in order to eliminate bad behavior. As pet owners, we love our furry friends so much that we let them get away with a lot, only to find out that some unwanted behaviors stick around for a long time and begin to cause trouble.

Barking is one of those behaviors that can turn bad if left unchecked. A dog’s bark is his warning sign, and many dogs only bark when they sense danger or feel that they need to gain your attention for something. On the other end of the spectrum, some dogs bark needlessly to get attention and become nuisances. Other times, your typically non barking dog will suddenly become a barker when the doorbell rings, or when a trusted worker enters the back yard.

Enter Sam Small, Police Dog Trainer extraordinaire and life long dog lover.

It’s critical to train your dog so that when he barks, he does so for a good reason” begins Small, “You want to make sure that when he is barking, he knows it’s to get your attention. You always want to preserve that!

The problem, according to Small, is that many dogs will train themselves to bark at all the wrong times, as well as to continue barking even after you, the owner, have determined that the bark is unwarranted. To understand what Small is saying, he likes to recount the story of Roxy, the pit mix his neighbor had, and the force that drove him to invent Barx Buddy.

Roxy is a beautiful pit mix that my next door neighbor bought early this year. They bought her as a pup at the same time that my neighbor’s had their first child, and as a professional dog trainer I always recommend introducing puppies to babies so they can grow up together and bond really strong.


I never heard a peep from Roxy next door for the first eight months, but then my neighbor’s wife went back to work and put their child in daycare. I work the night shift, so I am normally asleep in the day. It was right after the kid got put in daycare that I started hearing Roxy barking her head off during the days.

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