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Have you ever mistaken a dog breeds for a wolf? Sadly, everyone doesn’t own a pack of wild African wolves at home. But if they did, you would instantly relate your mistake to biological evolution and taxonomy. Yes, the ancestor of every dog, in reality, was a wild scary (and thankfully not were) wolf.

And some dogs are still the subspecies of the now-extinct gray wolves (also the predecessors of the living wolves). But they still resemble the gray wolves looks, features, temperaments a lot. Want to know about the dog breeds closest to wolves? Read this article till the end.

We will take you through the 13 most popular dogs breeds that are similar to wolves. Thanks to the resourceful study by NatGeo (refer to this study) that found genetic similarities to wolves. Ready? Here we go.

#1 – Czechoslovakian Wolfdog:

Freak not, as this too much of a wolf-looking species are dogs in reality. Introduced as a part of a scientific innovation a long time back, this wolf-hybrid was developed in Czechoslovakia as an ideal blend of Carpathian wolves and German Shepherds.

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They share many of their features, including hair, build, strength, in common with the wolves. However, the temperament and intelligence resemble more like that of the German Shepherds. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are more popular as police or military dogs in the realm of tracking, search-and-rescue, and herding jobs.

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