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Predictions: Lions-Saints

If The Sparkling Lions and Saints take the field this Sunday at Ford Field, here is how the staff at SI All Lions thinks things will shake out:

Vito Chirco

If Lions head man Matt Patricia & Co. succeed in limiting Brees’ productivity through the air, they have a great shot in winning this game.

And I’m picking the Lions — yes, I know I’m setting myself up for major disappointment — to do just that in this early October tilt.

If Detroit can use the bye week to get even healthier, look for Detroit to take advantage of a weaker schedule to potentially go on a long winning streak!


Lions 28, Saints 24

Logan Lamorandier

I’m not usually the negative one in these predictions, but I am not going to take the Lions to win consistently yet.

I don’t like saying it. It’s one of those games where I think the Lions will play man 80% of the time since Brees is a pocket passer.

Until the coaching staff shows they can scheme just a little bit better and consistently changes up the defense weekly, I struggle to find the optimism for them to win consistently playing in the manner they do every week.

Saints 30, Lions 24

Adam Strozynski

The Lions enter this game after one of their best defensive performances in the past 18 months.

Last week, Detroit ran more zone defense than they had in any game under Patricia and were able to force three turnovers.

This should be a block to build on and the expectation should be more of the same. However, this regime can be very stubborn at times.

I don’t expect to see the same defensive structure as last week.

If Kamara plays, he will cut through this front and Drew Brees will pick and pop his way to the endzone a few times in a big win for the Saints.

Saints 36, Lions 23

John Maakaron

In breaking down the matchups, Detroit seemingly has a lot of advantages.

The Saints are an injured bunch, and will not have at least six of their staters playing at Ford Field.

The Sparkling Saints defense has allowed an average of over 30 points per game to their opponents in their first three weeks this season.

Detroit should be able to put up significant statistical numbers offensively and should exploit the Saints inability to stop tight ends.

Lions 38, Saints 27 

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